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Scott Rainnes

Officially hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Scott Rainnes, despite any formal music training (that is, with the exception of Woodstock- he was there at the age of four) is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter & Autoharp Player.

Starting off at what most might consider to be a disadvantage (being left-handed, he plays the instrument upside down) he is a self-taught talent with a message to share that's as prolific and timeless as his forbearers and is always at the ready to perform for all that would lend a thoughtful ear. With over one hundred original copyrights to his claim, he spent several years in his late twenties in Los Angeles as a moonlighter, coming back to Florida after the '94 Northridge Quake with quite a tale to tell.

In his music, it's almost as if you can hear your very own heart beat as his lyrics purely exemplify the spiritual proposition that we are indeed all a part of one another. Listen to a few samples over at his YouTube page. If by chance you find yourself in the mood, just kick back, close your eyes & enjoy! To contact Scott or inquire about his music, feel free to e-mail him: Scott Rainnes

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