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The Autoharp has over 100 years of history. As a piece of Americana it is often called "the nation's favorite musical instrument." And when it comes to quality Autoharps, Oscar Schmidt is the name to know. Only premium woods and superior hardware are used in an Oscar Schmidt Autoharp. Additionally, each instrument is inspected and adjusted by a USA-based skilled technician for the best sound quality and ease of play. is here to fulfill your needs as we offer a wide selection from 15 Cord Autoharps, 21 Cord Autoharps, Electric Autoharps and a complete array of Autoharps Accessories . As a staple in Country, Folk and Bluegrass music, the Autoharp was even featured in the movie Walk the Line. Whether you are a seasoned musician, interested in learning how to play the Autoharp or seeking to purchase an Autoharp as a gift, you'll find easy instructions and friendly customer service only mouse click away. With the most current models at affordable prices, a free shipping opportunity on accessories and our price match guarantee: you'll definitely grab the best deal shopping with!

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