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Premier Oscar Schmidt Autoharpist, singer and Colorado folk legend Roz Brown has built a mighty impressive career as a captivating entertainer and recording artist performing and recording classic folk music on his own terms for over thirty-five years.

Native to Madison, Wisconsin Roz has been playing the autoharp since 1975. The beginning of this venture proved to be interesting as he states, "I found I could actually play a lot of the folk songs I liked on the Autoharp and accompany my singing. I was not a skilled singer or Autoharpist but I was persistent in becoming proficient."

His most recent album "A Cowboy and his Sweetheart" was inspired by his sweetheart Barbara (tracks are available for download at Airplay Direct). It’s also a family venture as the album is produced by his son and renowned Soul/Rock keyboardist Paul Brown.

Roz expresses his musical talent, "I have developed a wide variety of folk songs and can always find just the right mixture of songs for most types of programs." is proud to recognize Roz Brown, autoharp player and singing talent. you can learn more about Roz and how to purchase his songs by visiting the links posted to the left.

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