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Marc Gunn is an acoustic folk musician based in New Orleans. His music is rooted in the American Celtic song tradition, and his preference of musical instruments-the autoharp-make him stand out as something unique in the Celtic musical community. He has been called "The Godfather of Celtic music online" for his steadfast support of indie Celtic music, free Celtic music downloads, and his award-winning Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, one of the most-popular music podcasts on iTunes.

Marc Gunn's early background in folk and rock music led him to discover the roots of both genres in Celtic music. He worked for many years at Renaissance festivals and events across the country as lead vocalist of the Brobdingnagian Bards. Marc Gunn headlined a "Lord of the Rings" Oscar night party, and is a regular at Dragon*Con, the world's largest fantasy and science fiction convention. Recent work includes parody albums setting cat-inspired lyrics to traditional Irish music, and adaptations of traditional Celtic music to contemporary rhythms and forms.

While in Austin, The Bards won a number of Austin Music Awards, including "Best Novelty Band," "Best None of the Above," and "Best Folk Band" and were named "Best Renaissance Men" in the Austin Chronicle's 2003 Best of Austin Poll. Gunn also won "Best Album Cover" for his solo album "Soul of a Harper."

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