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Harvey started playing the autoharp in the summer of 1972, at the age of 18. He is known primarily as an acoustic guitarist, composer and songwriter, and was the 1981 National Fingerpicking Guitar Champion. A full-time professional musician his entire life, he has recorded 26 highly-acclaimed albums of acoustic music on Woodpecker Records. He also plays the mandolin and 6-string banjo, but has always featured the autoharp prominently on his recordings and in his concerts.
His unique style, impeccable tone and uncannily accurate melody-playing technique are rooted in his deep knowledge of traditional American music, and in the intricate right-hand picking skills borrowed from his guitar background. He was the winner of the International Autoharp Competition in 1982, and his CD Steel Drivin' Man was voted in the Top 10 Folk CD's of all time by Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

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