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21 Chord Autoharps

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ChromAharP 21 Chord
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Normal Price $540.28
Sale Price $341.95
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Oscar Schmidt Autoharp | Oscar Schmidt OS11021AE
This Product is In Stock
Normal Price $600.38
Sale Price $379.99
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Model# of ChordsWood TypeFine TuningElectric PickupColor# of KeysPrice
OS11021FN 21Flame Maple top-Solid Spruce backYesNoNatural11$409.99
OS45C 21Select Spruce top - Maple BackNoNoNatural11$329.95
OS73C 21Solid Spruce Top - Mahogany BackNoNoBlack Matte11$299.99
OS45CE 21Select SpruceNoYesNatural11$329.95
OS120CNE 21Solid Spruce top-Bird's eye Maple BackYesYesNatural11$546.00
OS11021FNE 21Flame Maple top-Solid Spruce backYesYesNatural11$480.99
OS11021FHSE 21Flame Maple top-Solid Spruce backYesYesSunburst11$487.00
OS11021 Ozark 21Ovankol top-Solid Spruce backYesNoSunburst Satin11$399.95
OS120CN 21Solid Spruce top-Bird's eye Maple BackYesNoNatural Gloss11$389.99
OS21CQTB 21Maple BodyNoNoBlue11$299.99
OS21C 21Maple BodyNoNoSunburst11$269.99
OS21CQTR 21Maple BodyNoNoRed11$299.99
OS150FCE 21Flame Maple top-Solid Spruce backNoYesSunburst11$329.99
OS11021FHS 21Flame Maple top-Solid Spruce backYesNoSunburst11$409.99
OS10021 21Solid Spruce Top - Mahogany BackNoNoNatural11$369.99
OS73B 15Solid Spruce Top - Mahogany BackNoNoBlack Matte7$284.99
OS15B 15Maple BodyNoNoSunburst7$239.99
OS10015 15Solid Spruce Top - Mahogany BackNoNoNatural7$279.99
15Ch ChromAharP 15Maple FrameNoNoSunburst7$265.64
21Ch ChromAharP 21Maple FrameNoNoSunburst11$341.95
21ChE ChromAharP 21Maple FrameNoYesSunburst11$340.00